The Effects of Protein

Protein, Prot call it whatever you want, protein is seen by many athletes as the ultimate nutrient for building the body you want and for performing how you want. It’s not just lean meats used by athletes and avid gym goers for a good source of protein, as we’ve now seen the boom of other related protein sources such as shakes and bars in the last decade.

Protein has arguably become more in demand than ever with the consistent arrivals of these high-quality gym essentials but, has this lead to athletes and gym goers like you see, consuming too much protein? We take a look at the bad effects of protein as well as the good.

Advantage: Weight Loss

This may not come as much of a surprise but yes, high protein food is fantastic in helping you shed those few extra pounds in short term. Whether that be from a couple of protein shakes a day balanced with a healthy diet. Or maybe you’re just a huge lover of meat and fish so don’t mind stuffing your face with skinless chicken and oily fish such as canned tuna, these will all do the job!

Disadvantage: Weight Gain

Well, there you have it. Sorry folks, too much protein in one’s diet can contribute to increases in body fat. Protein acts in the short term for weight loss as the human body can only use roughly 8 grams of protein per each pound of weight that you weigh. Meaning, if you over consume protein the body will have no other place to use it up, therefore, the remainder of it will lie as fat. This is why it’s vitally important to get the right balance of protein to notice results for your body. Anyway, does anal whitening hurt?

Advantage: Muscle Repair

Protein’s primary job as a nutrient is to build and repair tissue therefore If you are an athlete and tend to take part in lots of high-intensity training, any source is an absolute must for repairing any sore muscles as this gives you a better chance of a speedy and efficient recovery. Remember amino acids are like your best friends!

Disadvantage: Cholesterol & Kidney Stones

Okay, so we know protein is the nutrient that helps develop and repair your bodies makeup however it can also lead to the downfall of your body if it’s not taken in the right doses. When you consume food products of the meat and dairy nature regularly you are also consuming unnecessary saturated and trans fats, raising your cholesterol levels. This can result in a heart attack or stroke. Kidney stones have also been known to appear in the result of increases in calcium and oxalate flow due to high protein intake. This may also prevent your body in producing substances that deflect the forming of kidney stones. Its thought that reducing animal protein consumption will reduce the chances of kidney stones significantly.


Based on the effects that protein have, it should now be clear to you the importance of balancing our your protein intake based on the many pro’s and con’s that it can cause to your body, it’s important to remember that although a very good nutrient that should remain essential, it’s vital one doesn’t get carried away with it when using it for ‘Gym’ purposes, for example.


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